A selection of different small handy tools I’ve made over the time. Everything from small python scripts to max patches. 

Auto sampler

A work in progress, building an automatic recorder to sample external Midi gear.
It’s possible to have it send out midi messages, with repeat on one note, for variations, and intervals if you only want to sample every 3rd note.
I used this to sample some of my older drum machines, and a Roland Sound Canvas sound module.

A script made in javascript makes sure to trim the each clip, so theres no excess silence, and the audio starts right at the beginning, compensating for any small recording delay there might be. 

This project is still somewhat in development, but keep an eye out on GitHub, to download and use it.

On the side here is a small video showing a drum machine being sampled. 

Seemsless loop processor

This is a small python helper scripts that takes the tail of an audio clip and merge it onto the beginning to create music loops, that loops without clicking and works seamlessly.
I found

that in logic I can’t do second pass rendering when batch rendering audio regions and therefore any reverb tail present after the loop point, won’t get rendered.
IT’s a command line tool written in python and processes a folder of audio loops. See GitHub for more info.

As shown here on the side, if we want to make the music clip loop after 8 bars, but theres a tail that extends further (the lighter blue bit), the script will take this and put it in the front of the loop, and fade it out. 
This allows for the music to loop seemless.

Of course the tradeof is that the tail will be very audible the first time the loops is started, however this can be avoided by fading in the audio when started.