I believe sounds and music are hidden in every piece of media.

I am there to reveal and enhance them!

I believe sounds and music are hidden in every piece of media.

I am there to reveal and enhance them!

/ / /      P O R T F O L I O      \ \ \

/ / /  P O R T F O L I O \ \ \

/ / /      C O M P O S E R      \ \ \

/ / /  C O M P O S E R \ \ \

/ / /      G A M E S      \ \ \

/ / /  G A M E S \ \ \

/ / /      S O U N D D E S I G N      \ \ \

/ / /  S O U N D D E S I G N \ \ \

/ / /      S O U N D E N G I N E E R      \ \ \

/ / /  S O U N D E N G I N E E R \ \ \

/ / /      P E R S O N A L    P R O J E C T S      \ \ \

/ / /  P E R S O N A L    P R O J E C T S \ \ \

/ / /      C O M M E R C I A L S    \ \ \

/ / /      A B O U T      \ \ \

/ / / A B O U T \ \ \

My name Christian Tronhjem. I am a composer and sounddesigner for all kinds of different media and with a special interest in games, and performing arts, based in Aarhus, Denmark.

My greatest passion is creating sounds and music that fits and enhance a performance, a game or a film. The hunt for that special special music or sound that makes the whole thing come alive. Sound is often something taken for granted, but to me a great score or amazing sound design kan make or break an entire production. I am passionate about using my skills to create new worlds, unheard creatures and make media come to life.

I finished my masters degree in Electronic Music Composition and Sound Design at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus in 2017. This is one of Denmark’s few educations in electronic music and sound design, and only accept a few number of students each year. My masters thesis was a research in Sound designs importance for immersion in video games.
Learning electronic music history and aesthetic not only helps getting deeper into composition and music creation, but also gives a better understanding of working with sounds, and the musicality of all sounds and help to create more immersive sound design experience.

I’ve been involved in a lot of short films, theatre and dance. To name a few I have done sound design and music for a couple of dance performances for Black Box Dance Company, including 7Even which was nominated for the danish Reumert Award. Sound design and music for a number of short films including a  winning film of Aarhus Film Short Challenge in 2014, composer of a score for a prize winner slasher / hour short film at CPH Pix 2015, and others which have been showed at numerous festivals.

On the side I have been doing a lot of work as sound engineer both at the former Aarhus Lydstudie one of the larger studios in Aarhus, at Mellow Sessions with live sessions, and now as a freelancer.

“There is no theory. You have only to listen. Pleasure is the law.” – Claude Debussy

/ / /      T E S T I M O N I A L S      \ \ \

/ / / T E S T I M O N I A L S \ \ \

“I had the pleasure to work with Christian on a number of film projects. He is an outstanding performer in the field of sound. Equally good at composing, mixing, doing foley and anything sound related. He takes holistic approach and then goes deep into details. Very structured, positive and always aiming for the best.
Would love to be working a lot together in the future.”

Stoyan Yankov

Partner & Producer, Level Up Pictures

“I’ve worked with Christian on two projects so far – and I already know that he will always do whatever is required to deliver great results. He has an excellent ear for subtle sounds and the small nuances that make all the difference. The devil is in the detail – and Christian understands this. Looking forward to our next projects!”

Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

Director, Figment

/ / /      C O N T A C T      \ \ \

/ / / C O N T A C T \ \ \

Christian Tronhjem

Christian Tronhjem

Composer and Sound Designer

Phone: 0045 3023 5784

I am always looking for new exciting projects!

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